Embracing Hygge to Reconnect with my Teenage Daughter


As a parent, fostering a strong connection with my teenage daughter remains a top priority. Reflecting on her early years as a baby, toddler, and into her tween years, I am reminded of the cherished moments we shared – those precious times of warmth, togetherness, and joy. However, as she has navigated her teenage years, we've faced our fair share of challenges in finding and maintaining that special bond.

Nevertheless, I am determined to recreate and rediscover the essence of hygge to strengthen our connection once more.

Recreating Cozy Spaces

Then: In her early years, we had a dedicated cozy corner in our home in front of our wood burning fireplace where we would snuggle up together, surrounded by soft blankets and plush toys. This space was a sanctuary for quality time, reading books, singing songs, and simply being present with each other. We also created a beautiful space for her to retreat to in her bedroom where she could feel safe and cozy.

Now: As we did in the past, I want to recreate a dedicated cozy corner in our home that is special for us and if we can find the spot, somewhere different from our family room. With soft cushions, warm lighting, and comforting elements, this space will serve as our sanctuary for quality time together. It will be a place where we can have heart-to-heart conversations, and simply be present with each other. This cozy corner will be a reminder of the safe and intimate moments we once shared and an invitation to create new cherished memories.

Unplugging and Engaging

Then: During her early years, we valued limited screen time, recognizing the importance of being fully present with each other. We cherished interactive play, building forts with blankets that transformed our living room into magical castles, and exploring nature hand in hand.

Now: To reconnect on a deeper level, I want us to consciously unplug from technology. I know this will be hard for both of us, but I need us to set aside designated times where we turn off our devices and focus on each other. Whether it's going on nature walks, cooking together, or playing board games. My hope is that these technology-free activities will help us rediscover the joy of genuine connection and strengthen our bond.

Reviving Shared Interests

Then: As she grew from a toddler into a young child, we discovered shared interests that brought us joy and excitement. Baking together, playing in the garden, trips to the park, and art projects were among our favourite activities. But beyond those cherished moments, we had a truly magical experience during our weekly trips to a nearby farm. Together, we immersed ourselves in the world of horseback riding, feeding the animals, and cherishing the simple joys of nature. Those outings were nothing short of enchanting, leaving us with unforgettable memories etched in our hearts.

Now: I want to revive these shared interests and explore new ones. Perhaps baking challah bread on Friday's will become a weekly tradition where we bond over the joy of creating something delicious. We can plan outings to places of mutual interest, such as museums or new hiking trails, immersing ourselves in new experiences and rekindling our connection through shared adventures. And as she is older now, we are able to start enjoying some mother-daughter spa days where we can rest and restore together.

Fostering Open Communication

Then: Even during her early years, we encouraged open communication, actively listening to her thoughts and feelings, and creating a safe space for her to express herself. She shared so much of herself and I was able to offer support and guidance on almost anything.

Now: Now that my daughter has blossomed into her teenage years, I've noticed that communication between us has faced its fair share of challenges. However, I am determined to bridge the gap and create a safe, judgment-free space where we can openly share our thoughts, emotions, and dreams. Through active listening, offering unwavering support, and validating each other's experiences, I am hopeful that our understanding of one another will deepen, fortifying our bond as she continues to grow into adulthood.

Prioritizing Quality Time

Then: In the early years, I prioritized quality time with my daughter, engaging in activities that fostered connection and joy. We would have tea parties, go to all sorts of moms groups, go on nature walks, and engage in imaginative play. These shared experiences allowed us to bond, communicate, and create a strong mother-daughter connection.

Now: Just like we did in her early years, I want to prioritize quality time with my daughter. We need to set aside dedicated moments each week for uninterrupted mother-daughter bonding. Whether it's our once previous Monday Night movie night, a leisurely stroll in the park, or trying out new hobbies, these intentional moments of togetherness can contribute to nurturing our connection and creating cherished memories.

I am determined to reignite our bond. Through these intentional efforts, I can only hope we will rediscover the joy of hygge and embrace the beauty of a strengthened connection. 

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