The Fall 2020 Box

The weather outside is cooling, the leaves are turning vibrant shades of red, orange and brown, it’s official — the fall season is here! For many, it’s one of the coziest times of the year, and we’ve curated a box full of items that will bring the hygge spirit to the season.

Pull out your favourite cozy gear and light a fire

As the temperature dips, we’re digging through our closets for our beloved knit sweaters, warm wool socks and other autumnal accessories. The headband we’ve included from Snow and Thistle will become a new favourite in your fall outfit rotation. The gray hue will look amazing with any of your outerwear, and the cable knit detail and thick yarn make it a comfortable piece that will keep your ears warm through even the chilliest of days.  

The box also included a pinecone fire starter from The Little Wood Chipper, a brand we’ve featured in previous boxes. Gathering around a crackling fire is one of our favourite hygge activities for any season, and this will take all the guess work out of getting one started. Whether you’ve headed out for a long weekend in a tiny cabin with a wood-burning fireplace, or whether the temperature is still warm enough for outdoor fire pits, a fireside chat is in your future.

As you spend more time indoors, enjoying the comforts of home, we’ve also included a special decor item for our Hygge in a Box subscribers. From Wall Flower Designs comes a gorgeous wooden bead garland with rustic tassels. The minimalist piece would be perfect for a Nordic winter wonderland holiday decorating theme, and the minimalist design means it can stay in your home long after the holiday season wraps up. Drape it in a bowl, lay it along a windowsill, wrap it around a plant, the possibilities are endless!

Switch up your scents for something more warming

Scent can have a huge impact on your mood, which is why we include so many products with different essential oils in our boxes. While you may have opted for tangy and floral scents for the summer season, fall has us seeking out warming spices and herbaceous aromas instead.

From Essentially Handmade, we have a comforting salve that will become a staple on your night stand. The buttery balm includes a blend of essential oils, from lemon and eucalyptus to clove, cinnamon, rosemary and lavender. Taking a mindful moment to moisturize before bed is a very hygge thing to do, and the blend of essential oils will have you feeling cozy and soothed.  

The diffuser from Gracious Candle Co. will fill your entire space with an incredible scent throughout the season. We worked with the company to custom blend an exclusive scent featuring lemon and eucalyptus. The citrus adds an element of freshness and the eucalyptus offers a herbaceous, zen note that will have your home feeling like an oasis in no time.

Spend some time lingering in the kitchen

There’s something about the season that has us craving the warm glow of an oven with something tasty inside it. Our recipe cards will give you inspiration for the perfect seasonal dinner, a bean and barley soup followed by pumpkin bars packed with nutmeg and ginger for a rich, autumnal treat.

We’ve also included a vanilla chai tea from Three6Tea and a jar of local honey from The Farmer's Daughter — brew a steaming hot cup and pair with a slice of toast drizzled with honey. The wooden honey dipper from OliveWood Glory, a business that crafts products from a single block of olive trees on the Mediterranean, will have you drizzling the golden liquid over everything. 

If you’re not much of a baker, not to worry — we’ve also included a treat that requires absolutely no effort from you, a chocolate bar from Alicja Confections. You can enjoy the milk chocolate packed with Himalayan salt and crunchy toffee bits yourself, or you can take advantage of the packaging and bring a smile to a friend’s face. The bar’s packaging resembles a post card, and you can write a friend’s address on the backside to send them a sweet surprise.

Finally, if you’re looking for something to flip through after a delicious meal, we can’t get enough of Sylvia Tomczak’s Honey & Truffles. The book contains the author’s short stories about growing up in an Italian household filled with food, and it’ll have you daydreaming of lazy Sundays spent cooking up simmering pots of fall favourites.

Show a little love to the planet

When it comes to helping protect the earth, every little bit helps, which is why we’ve included two eco-friendly products that will become staples in your daily routine.

The first pairs perfectly with the vanilla chai in the box, a silicone tea bag from Hot Cups Canada. The silicone bag, which is non-toxic and BPA-free, is the perfect way to enjoy loose-leaf tea all season long without all the extra paper that comes in traditional tea bags.

And, to keep all your delicious meals fresh, we’ve included a vibrant printed sheet of beeswax food wrap from Above and Beeyond. Use it to store your leftovers, the same way you’d use cling wrap, but without the extra trash afterwards.

We hope you make time to sit down with your box of goodies and reflect on all the magical moments in the fall season!

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