The Fall 2022 Box

The leaves are turning vibrant hues of red and orange and blanketing the ground, you’re starting to pull out your knits and cold-weather accessories, you’re bringing your preferred hot beverages back into rotation after a summer of iced drinks — fall is officially here! For our Fall 2022 box, we’ve included a variety of items that will help you embrace the principles of hygge during this season. 

Fill your home with cozy scents 

Scent is an easy way to give your home an entirely different ambience without switching a single piece of decor, and this box contains two great items that will allow you to do just that.

First, we have a roasted pear candle crafted in a collaboration between Lot.ceramics (who created the handmade container) and Mysa Candles, the talents behind the fragrant mixture within. While many people gravitate towards apple or pumpkin aromas for fall, we can’t get enough of this rich roasted pear accentuated with cinnamon and spices — it’s the perfect scent for the season. Not to mention, the wooden wick crackles as the flame dances, creating a very hygge mood. And as a bonus, the container can be repurposed as a planter or storage vessel, or if you’re a candle lover, you can order refills from Mysa, making it an environmentally-friendly addition to your home. 

The second scent-related item we’ve included is the Be Cozy Simmer Mix from Simmer & Co. Natural Aromas. It couldn’t be easier to use this product — you just add the pouch contents to a pot of water and allow it to simmer, filling your home with an incredible aroma. Plus, if you store the liquid in the fridge between simmer sessions, you can reuse the mixture over and over again. Simmer away when you have guests coming over to create the perfect cozy ambience (as the blend name suggests), or simply treat yourself to the autumnal aroma on a restful Sunday at home when you’re curled up with a good book or watching a favourite movie. 

Indulge in comfort food 

When summer slowly shifts to fall, we’re often tempted to trade in raw, fresh foods for more decadent, comforting alternatives. In this box, we have both a sweet and savoury option to help your taste buds embrace the fall season. 

From Simply Delish, a brand that has appeared in the box several times before, we have the Autumn Harvest Lentil Soup Mix. Soup is a perfect meal for fall, and this blend makes the process super easy — you just combine the mix with water and simmer, allowing you to dish up a nutritious meal in no time. The green and red lentils add a boost of protein, the turmeric gives the soup a lovely golden hue, and the mix is finished off with some quintessential fall spices. As an option to reduce food waste, feel free to toss in some leftover fall vegetables such as squash or carrots that you might have on hand, as the package suggests.

On the sweeter end of the spectrum, we couldn’t resist including a trio of chocolate bars from Laura Slack Chocolate. Take time to appreciate both the gorgeous wrappers crafted from Japanese Chiyogami paper and the hand-painted, speckled hues of colour on each chocolate bar. We recommend doing a mindful chocolate tasting with the three bars. Break off small pieces of each chocolate bar and take a moment, allowing them to melt in your mouth as you try to really sense the floral notes of rose or the way the sea salt amplifies the creamy flavour of the chocolate. 

And, if you're in the mood to do a bit of cozy fall baking, you'll love the plum torte recipe from a family friend that we've included in the box.

Bundle up and head outside

Mindfulness is a huge part of hygge, and one of our favourite fall activities is to simply spend time walking outside in nature. Head out to a nearby trail and slide on the colourful Pokoloko knit arm warmers to bundle up against the elements. They’re made from alpaca fiber, which is ideal for the fall season as it allows you to keep your hands toasty warm on cooler days while also providing air circulation on days where the temperature jumps a little higher.

Tuck your phone away, just for a little while, and on your walk focus on the sound of the leaves crunching beneath your feet, smell the crispness in the air, feel the breeze on your cheeks, and observe all the vibrant, saturated fall hues and leaf shapes. To get in touch with every one of your senses, grab your preferred hot beverage, whether that’s apple cider, hot chocolate, or a latte with a seasonal flavour like cinnamon or pumpkin, and sip it as you walk.

Nurture your physical body 

There’s a reason we so often include relaxing bath and beauty products — while it’s crucial to nurture your mental well-being, it’s also important to care for your physical body. Take a break from your busy schedule to check in with yourself and pamper yourself a bit. 

The strawberry and olive oil face scrub from Sequoia channels the last memories of summer, as the fragrance of fruity berries mixes with the moisturizing olive oil. This scrub will keep your skin looking and feeling radiant as the cold weather approaches.

Finally, take a long soak in a luxurious bath with the Iced Evergreen Bath Bomb from Lend Me Some Sugar. The bath bomb offers a hint at the season to come, with an incredible pine aroma bringing a slice of nature right to your bathroom. Accentuate your bathing experience by burning your roasted pear candle, or maybe even indulging in a few pieces of chocolate as you let your stresses drain away. 

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