The Fall 2023 Box

From infusing warming spices like cinnamon and nutmeg into your baked goods and beverages to admiring the stunning leaves blanketing the ground and appreciating the crisp (but not yet frosty) air on long walks, fall is a season made for hygge. We hope the products included in the Fall 2023 box will help you weave hygge throughout your daily routine and enjoy the season.

Embrace sweater weather

Every season has its own unique natural beauty on display, and there’s no better way to appreciate it than by heading out for a mindful walk. The hand-knit hat from Fazl is the perfect accessory for cool fall days (and as a bonus, the brand gives a portion of their profits to support orphanages in India). The blend of fibers will keep you toasty warm without the itchiness of wool, and the pop of red in the hat’s pattern is a perfect homage to the red hues that are so characteristic of autumnal foliage.

Once you’ve returned from your walk, pamper yourself with a long, luxurious bath complete with the Sweater Weather bath soak from Ritual: Wild. The blend of clove, cardamom, orange peel, star anise, cinnamon and vanilla will add some fall vibes to the experience, and the mix of dead sea salt and epsom salt is ideal for soothing tense muscles and soaking away the day's stresses.

And, since you need something to lather up with, we’ve also included a birch goat milk soap from Apothecandy. The product will bring a slice of the forest right into your bathroom, thanks to the gorgeous design, the birch water incorporated into the product, as well as the woodsy aromas of cedar, juniper berry, fir needle and more. 

Brew up cozy beverages and bake some sweet treats

While we love incorporating fall scents into our bath and beauty products for the season, you definitely don’t want to miss the chance to infuse the spicy, aromatic flavours of fall in whatever you’re whipping up in the kitchen. 

The package of David’s mulling spice blend will get you started — and since you only need to add a spoonful or two, the blend will last you all season long. Use it to craft some fragrant mulled wine, or to add a little something extra to your apple cider, creating a cocktail or mocktail perfect for enjoying solo or sharing with friends. Consider tossing in the navel and blood orange slices from Fresh Dried for some citrus zing and a decorative touch. 

Or, try infusing liquids like milk with the mulling spices and then using them to craft baked goods to enjoy during your fika break. If you’re looking for more fall baking inspiration, try out the recipe for the owners’ mom’s apple crisp, included on a recipe card in the box. If you want a quick treat that requires no time in the kitchen, try out the decadent salted butter caramels from Charlie Girl Goods.

Spend time with loved ones  

Whatever the season, spending time with friends and loved ones is a hygge must. And, it doesn’t need to be complicated — a simple pitcher of a warm, fragrant beverage (like whatever you make with your mulling spices) and something to snack on is all it takes to fuel a conversation that lasts for hours. Make your time together even more hygge by incorporating eco-friendly products whenever possible, helping to protect the environment one choice at a time.

For example, rather than reaching for a material like aluminum foil or plastic wrap to cover whatever dish you’ve made, use the floral fabric bowl covers from Your Green Kitchen as a sustainable alternative. The rustic print and organic cotton fabric will enhance your home’s fall decor, and you can use the versatile covers for everything from storing dinner leftovers to covering baked goods.

We particularly like using them to cover a bowl of rising dough when making bread. While baking in general is a very hygge way to spend time in the kitchen, the steps involved in making bread from scratch, from kneading the dough to patiently waiting for the yeast to work its magic, are perfect for when you need to get in touch with your mindful side.

Finally, to protect your countertops or tabletop from hot pots and pans in style, make use of the  LivCan Design handmade wooden trivet that marries form and function. The stunning wooden piece is neutral enough to go with any decor, and it’ll look beautiful displayed in your home. 

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