The Hygge Holiday Box 2021

Hygge and the holiday season are practically made for one another — after all, is there anything better during the holidays than curling up with a warm drink and a cozy blanket, chatting with loved ones or flipping through a book as the fireplace crackles in the background? We’ve curated a box that will allow you to infuse a dash of hygge into all your holiday activities — and perhaps this year, instead of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, you’ll take a more mindful approach focused on the experiences and people you value most. 

Cozy up with a hot beverage 

Whether you prefer tea or coffee, dairy milk or a plant-based alternative, whether you’re team eggnog or team mulled cider, let’s face it — steaming hot, warming beverages are an absolute must during the holiday season.

We’ve included a packet of Lux organic luxury hot cocoa from Lemon Lily that you can use to whip up either a traditional hot chocolate or a mocha, if you prefer your hot beverages caffeinated. The mixture features Peruvian cacao that has been dutched, a process that tames the acidity of the cocoa a bit, making for a smooth sipping experience. 

Top off your beverage with a cinnamon and sugar-dusted snickerdoodle marshmallow from Lolly’s Baking. The tasty treat will add some complexity and depth of flavour to any beverage, and the cinnamon brings in some of those holiday flavours we love.

And, if you’re looking for a sweet treat to pair with your favourite seasonal beverages, the box also features a recipe card with full instructions on how to make our founders’ mom’s whiskey bread pudding, a seasonal staple in their home that they hope you will enjoy as well.

Celebrate the season  

Regardless of what your preferred aesthetic is when decorating your home for the holidays, there’s no denying that ornaments can become such a special part of the season — they often hold so many memories, and it can be incredibly meaningful to unpack them every year and revisit those special moments. Whether you decorate a Christmas tree or simply add some seasonal touches throughout your space, the hand-embroidered ornament from Pokoloko will add a splash of colour. And, the gorgeous ornaments also give back, as they’re handmade by female victims of domestic and sexual violence whose artisan skills give them a sustainable income source. You may even be tempted to find a place for it year round as a reminder to keep hygge in mind. 

Another challenging part of the season is balancing busy schedules, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming to have to come up with a fun activity to do, either to give yourself a boost of holiday spirit or to spend some time with loved ones. That’s why we love Spark Good Cheer: 50 Ways to Get Festive from Chronicle Books. The small, portable box is adorable and easy to toss in a bag, and is filled with faux matchsticks that have prompts written on them. Next time you’re looking for a fun idea, just grab one of the “matchsticks” and follow the instructions — you might end up decorating your space with even more twinkle lights and candles, appreciating the beauty of the frosty winter ice, and more. 

Bring winter’s frost into your bathroom 

It can be fun to incorporate seasonal scents into your normal routine, which is why we’ve added the candy cane edition of Sealuxe Organics’ beach glass soap. The crisp peppermint scent will fill your bathroom with a festive aroma, and the small, single-serving piece of soap looks gorgeous on display. Why not infuse a bit of beauty into even necessary tasks like washing your hands?

And, as we always love to include bath products that encourage pampering, we also have a package of the Woodlands Bath Soak from Dadirri Naturals. While there’s nothing quite like going for a wander through the snow-covered woods and appreciating the beauty of nature, this soak mixture brings some of those aromas into your bathroom space. The mixture of epsom salt and sea salt will help your sore muscles, and the mixture of essential oils — rosemary, lavender, juniper and pine — will make you feel like you’re immersed in a woodland forest.

Cook up some comforting classics

It’s important to take some time over the holiday break to rejuvenate a bit, and we’ve included two items that can serve you either for a relaxing night in solo or for a lovely evening with a few friends. 

First of all, set the ambience by lighting a candle — this box features a soy wax candle from Wild Flicker with a eucalyptus and peppermint scent that will have your space smelling absolutely gorgeous while you make your evening plans. Then, flip through Kelly Epstein’s Après All Day: 65+ Cozy Recipes to Share with Family + Friends and get inspired to whip up a few recipes. The cookbook is filled with comforting recipes, from seasonal sips to heartier fare, as well as fun bits of added content, such as a selection of board games to explore and a small glossary of ski lingo to pick up for the next time you hit the slopes.

Wishing you all the best for the holiday season!

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