The Winter 2023 Box

While it can be tempting to grumble about mountains of snow and ice cold temperatures when the winter weather hits, trust us — winter is the perfect season to embrace all things hygge. We hope the carefully selected items in this box will encourage you to do just that. 

Protect yourself from the frosty elements 

If you live in a cold climate, you may have heard before that there’s no such thing as bad weather — there’s only failing to dress for the weather. Winter walks can be packed with beautiful snow-covered scenery and peaceful moments, you simply need to bundle up in order to enjoy them. The hand-knit winter reading socks from Fazl are the perfect solution.

They’re the ideal layer to wear underneath your winter boots for an outdoor adventure. Or, if you prefer to stay toasty warm indoors, you can slip on the socks for a cozy reading session.

Winter weather can also wreak havoc on your skin. Keep your pout looking and feeling nourished with the lip treatment kit from Three Ships.

The kit includes both a gentle exfoliating scrub and a hydrating lip mask — no matter how tough the elements are on the delicate skin of your lips, these great products (with an incredible vanilla aroma) will be able to keep them moisturized. As a bonus, the two-step process introduces an element of mindfulness, encouraging you to take a few moments for yourself as you care for your skin.

Curl up with a good book 

Reading is a very hygge activity, and we love to include products in our box that will help you level up your reading experience. 

To start off, the box features The Overnight Guest by Heather Gudenkauf — and while you certainly could read this thriller any time of the year, the snowy farmhouse setting of this book makes it the perfect choice for the winter season. To help keep your place as you work your way through the novel (although be forewarned, you may not be able to put it down!), we have a bookmark from Peach & Poppyseed in an adorable oversized paper clip shape accentuated by some colourful macramé.

To complete the experience, because a flickering candle always adds a hygge ambience, the Bonfire reusable candle from Mimi & August. This particular scent has notes of cedarwood and smoke, with a hint of vanilla for fragrant sweetness. The aroma will make you feel as though you’re truly sitting by a bonfire — without any of the effort. Plus, we love the sustainable nature of reusable candles. When you've burned the entire candle, you could use the ceramic mug as a vessel for your favourite warm beverages or even a storage container for everything from pens to beauty products.

Finally, as a special bonus for our quarterly subscribers, we’ve added a ceramic match pot, also from Mimi & August. Since the container itself looks gorgeous when on display, you can position it near whatever candle you’re currently burning to create a chic vignette. As an added bonus, there’s a striker pad on the bottom of the pot, allowing you to easily ignite your candle. 

Punctuate your day with fika breaks 

If you’ve never incorporated fika into your day, we encourage you to try it out this season — the term refers to a Swedish tradition in which people take a break from their busy day to chat with friends or colleagues while enjoying a hot beverage and something sweet. It’s the perfect way to press pause on a chaotic day and recharge your batteries. In the winter box, we’ve included two items that would be well suited to a fika moment.

First, the Moka hot chocolate by SÜK. This company makes all their blends with no chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavours, using high-quality cocoa powder, Swiss chocolate, and organic cane sugar and spices. This specific mix has a hint of caffeine, which when paired with a short break, will ensure you return to your day energized. You can whip up a decadent mugful with your milk of choice, from standard dairy milk to your preferred plant-based milk. And even better, the generously-sized package means you can make enough to share. 

To pair with it, we couldn’t resist the dulce pecan toffee crunch from Christy’s Gourmet. These sweet shards combine caramelized white chocolate with nutty pecans and a layer of toffee biscuit that adds both richness and crunch to make a truly irresistible treat. The depth of flavour means they go perfectly with tea and coffee as well, in case you want to spread out your chocolate treats a little. 

And if you need a little something savoury to balance out all that sweetness, we’ve got you covered. Cooking can be a great way to embrace mindfulness and get in touch with your senses, and the recipe card for a Moroccan-spiced vegan chickpea stew will allow you to make a comforting dish for a cold winter day.

Photos courtesy of plotspawspinot

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